About me and my work

My passion for photography began in high school when I was first introduced to the 35mm black and white processes. At my high school, we were lucky enough to have a complete dark room where we were able to develop our own film and print our own photos. After more than two years of experimenting with film I purchased my first digital SLR, and have not looked back since. Although I will always have a place in my heart for film photography, being able to push the limits with the ease of digital photography has forever changed the way that I will take photos.

My love for the outdoors has melded into an obsession for nature photography and always driven my passion for the art. Throughout my journey with photography I have been lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful places in North America and capture the moments with my camera. Driving from Arizona to Alaska and back, spending a summer in Colorado as a river guide, and rafting for two weeks through the Grand Canyon have been just a few of my greatest adventures and where many of my portfolio images have come from.

Although my passion for the art of photography has always been rooted in creating spectacular landscape images, my B.S. in Photography from Northern Arizona University allowed me broaden my skills in ways that I never expected. Throughout my time in school I was able to become highly proficient in various forms of studio lighting with on and off camera flashes, natural lighting set ups, as well as portrait, product, architectural and event photography situations. I was able to establish an efficient work from planning shoots, executing them and completing post processing.